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Software faciliates web extraction using regular expressions

ConnectCode is proud to announce the release of WebExtractor360, a free and open source web data extractor. This extractor software allows users to extract images, phrases, HTML headers, HTML tables, URLs, URLs keywords, emails, phone, Fax and any other information from the web by specifying a Regular Expression.

The software starts by crawling the specified web URL or any local file resource. All data that maps to the specified regular expression will be returned as a result. Upon completion of the matching process for the specified URL, the crawler will continue to process other URLs that the specified URL links to. The entire process is repeated until the maximun number of URLs have been reached or there are no more URLs to process.

The web extractor software is licensed under the simplified BSD(Berkeley Software Distribution) open source license. It can thus be easily extended and use by anyone to do research on the web.



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WebExtractor360 is a project founded by ConnectCode with the goal of providing a high quality internet and web data extraction software tool. The team consists of software developers and architects with many years of software development experience.

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